9 Stirs of the Discipleship Pot

Have you found that 'duty' and 'knowledge' have spilled over from modern Christianity as the active and right fodder of a good disciple? 

Much ancient discipling has been shelved on dusty library shelves, replaced by the evangelical zeal for correctness, while the virtues of the Christian faith are now little taught.

Discipleship cannot be summed up in classrooms, pulpits or mere Bible studies. It is learned in hardship, perseverance, practised on the knees but first lived in the heart. 

It is now I want to re-write those discipleship manuals, for discipleship embeds duty to the believer's mind. Discipleship is not first about duty, it first invites devotion - the seeking of our Lord's face.

  1. Theology does not make disciples, but troubles do.
  2. The Tree of Knowledge has successfully created theologians - but does not, cannot and will not create disciples.
  3. Self-denial is soul revival.
  4. To be fervent in spirit is to be found with great protection.
  5. Duty at church contributes precious little to the vitality soul.
  6. When you discover that God is all you have - there is peace, for then you know that God is all you want. 
  7. It is an affront to seek Jesus' salvation, but to not live His submission; to hunger for Glory but ignore His story.
  8. We have stained our souls by study and service while neglecting the invitation to stillness and solitude.

Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear... and in your hearts set apart Jesus as Lord. (1 Peter 1:17 & 3:15a)

9. A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing and suffers nothing is worth nothing. ~ Martin Luther

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Pride is the biggest enemy to standing fast in grace.'

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