A Bet the Archbishop Won

An Archbishop of Paris was preaching to a great congregation. He spoke of three happy, worldly and godless young men. At one time they wandered into a cathedral. They observed the comings and goings of people making their confessions. Two of these dissolute young men wagered the third that he would not go and make a bogus confession. He accepted the wager.

The priest quickly divined the ruse, so when the feigning penitent had finished he instructed:

to every confession there is penance. You see the big crucifix over there? Go to it, kneel down and repeat three times as you look upward into the face of the Crucified 'all this you did for me, and I don't care a damn'.

The young man emerged from the confession box to claim the wager from his two companions. Oh no, they chorused, first complete the penance before we pay the wager.

Walking slowly to the quiet corner where this magnificent crucifix stood, and looking up into the Face  with the searching eyes of aggrieved love, he began - 'all this you did for me, and I ...' . He got no further. Tears flooded his eyes and ran down his face. His heart was torn by the pain of converting repentance. There the old life ended and there the new began.

I, said the Archbishop, as he finished his sermon, was that young man! #

Those who would gaze into the eyes of Jesus will never lose, or be the same again. His enemies become His friends, and the blind receive their sight. 

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Many people will be surprised when Jesus returns, but nobody will be mistaken." ~ anon

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#The original source of this story is antiquated and unknown.