A Cheeky Monkey's Tale

Tales of cheeky monkeys are worldwide. I wonder if these first arose from Aesop (circa 600 B.C.)?

Once upon a time there was a cheeky monkey. It is reported that this cheeky monkey was too greedy. He reached into in an unattended cookie jar and filled his fist with cookies. In his attempt to withdraw his hand this cookie-laden fist was far wider than the neck of the jar. Forced by sheer inability to withdraw his hand he released the cookies, and cried.

His greed for all the cookies would steal the joys from some of the cookies.

Grasping the countless eye-catching delicacies of this world does not draw the things of heaven nearer. Laying hold of this world actually means I can't lay hold of heaven's delights already here, my hands are far too full.

Is this not too the plight of pagans and Christians alike upon planet earth?

It is in our voracious taking of this world's sweetness, we have actually lost its divine benefits.

In our greed for the things of this world we have lost sight of the goodness that God has already given.

The lights of heaven are flicked on when the lights of this world are switched off.

Today's Soul Snippet:

“Justice is not something God has. Justice is something that God is.” ~ A.W. Tozer

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