A Christian Response to Halloween

Ghosts and goblins, skeletons and skulls are the order of the day ... horror is fun while death is a game ... Anything to be mean. ~ Loretta Lynn

Originally Halloween was an ancient Celtic fire festival to worship the dead. It is a northern hemisphere celebration. Winter ensures long periods of darkness are in focus - not light.

Central to Halloween was/is the celebration/worship of the dead (hence why so many ghost-like and skeleton costumes continue to this day).

Halloween was the New Year's festival to the Celtic Lord of the Dead - Samhain.

The Celts would also mix their four annual fire festivals with the execution of convicted criminals.

At the feast of the dead, the deceased were honored and so too was the supremacy of dark over light.

A male witch explained – you strip away the candy & the costumes you get back to the roots & its the dead crossing back over into this world, even if it’s just for a night.

Halloween is the worship of the dead. Refuse to offer satan any support.

Christians, please note:

  1. expose the deeds of darkness ~ Ephesians 5:20
  2. recognise that Halloween is the sanitised face of the powers of darkness, deceptively gaining strongholds in mankind ~ Ephesians 6
  3. what fellowship does light hold with darkness? ~ 2 Corinthians 6:14-15

Two Last Words:

  • Christians only worship/celebrate He who is living, and not those dead.
  • I can live in light only because He lives in me. So - be islands of light.