A Covid Complainer

We all know the ‘complainer’. Their irritations are cast far and wide, only burdening all those who hear. Their skills are finely tuned given these unfamiliar days of hardships and constraints.

I had a brief and curious chat with my neighbor this morning. He is a nice man. He grumbled about the lockdowns. He then lamented driving his son for a two hour return trip yesterday to get jabbed. Finally he bemoaned there was no ‘reward’ for being vaccinated.

In a surprising instant of silence I even stunned myself, for in that moment I restrained response. Yet, it was just a moment.

Startled yet gentle (he is far bigger, younger and stronger than I) I suggested there was a reward, indeed a fine benefit implicit in the Covid vaccinations - the reward was life itself. A no-brainer to me!

But the bleating continued.

I soon excused myself, politely.

Covid is charging men forward into this worldwide fruitless paradox of life. Because…

his existence was about the complaining of his existence. (Frances Kumar)

Make every effort to obtain the prize that comes from the only God. (John 5:44b with a SoulSupply edit)

Do not be conformed to this world, for a Christian is already a new person.

Complaining compresses both the speaker and the listener.

Co-operation beats complaining hands-down every time.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'God has failed in no area of His creation, nor has He cut any corners.'