The Different Portion from 2 Trees

The search for knowledge is the task of the dissatisfied, those who seek answers to the unanswerable.

Two paths exist to the student acquiring knowledge and enquiring of it.

They sit with mans' endless texts of finite knowledge, or with God's single text of infinite wisdom.

Mankind has long made the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil his portion. It is his 'go to' place to remove pain and find joy. For is not a man's portion that which makes him feel good?

In their tireless effort for relief men sit long against the powerful trunk of the Tree of Knowledge, basking in its refreshing shade. They are consumed with seeking their face, the things of them. But, these men are not near God, nor their true portion.

Yet for those who seek the Lord's face, who recline against the Tree of Life, who place the Tree of Knowledge at their backs there is life's spiritual formation by the only undiluted truth. Such a soul dives into the joy of heaven, the satisfactions of God. They are not distracted from Him. These will shout from the mountains, bellow through the storms:

God is the strength of my heart, my portion forever. It is good to be near God. (see Psalm 73:21-26)

To rest in the cooling shade of the Tree of Life is to sit at heaven's banquet table, receiving that portion which will never be exhausted. 

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The Cross is both the test and destiny of a follower of Christ'. ~ Brennan Manning

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