A Dose of the Holy Ghost!

Soul Snack 193/14 ... Christians are all apprentices in the arms of the Lord. Yet we hurtle headlong towards hallowed academies whilst this brutal hour requires a falling headfirst at the feet of the Holy Ghost.

The imperative of these lovelorn times is for new anointings not more academics.

And the Lord said to me:

The Tree of Knowledge is a climber vine strangling the spiritual life from My church worldwide. It shakes the Tree of Life to choke and kill it, as if it could!

The manacle of knowledge handcuffs believers and performs lobotomies upon their soul. It informs them how to think while removing the knowledge of spiritual health and wealth. Christians are as blind to its wicked intents as Eve was in Eden. They rush into its suffocation.

He who has an ear let him hear.

Since an Edenic pre-history the Tree of Knowledge has succeeded in weaving its deceits amidst the fabric of all God's people. Its success has prospered beyond measure, rallying support in absolutely all quarters.

Two unschooled men, Peter and John were first set alight by the Holy Spirit; then they too lit a wild-fire in Jerusalem. It was the anointed, available and uneducated that the Lord built His church upon; those who lived within the shade of the Tree of Life. (Read the full story in Acts 1-4.)

What this Christian generation requires are Holy Spirit anointings of humbled, willing disciples; not the blessings from proud academies of glory-filled learning.

... be filled with Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 5:18c)

O Lord, please pour a dose of your Holy Ghost afresh through my soul this day, and then everyday - AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The pillars of faith have been blindly replaced by the columns of sight and so the heart remains unconvinced." ~ Michael Cartwright

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