A Grander View of Money#

Could we have our whole theology of money upside down?

Matthew 6:19–34 reminds us that our financial burden belongs to the Lord. Jesus teaches that financial sanity begins with believing that you have a heavenly Father who will supply what you need.

So, because God has taken the burden of physical provision from our feeble hands and into His capable ones, we are free to have a grander vision for our money.

God’s grace is powerful enough to transform how we view and interact with money at the core of who we are. He intends to free us from viewing money as something we accumulate and replace it with an attitude of radical generosity.

Without this rescuing grace, our pursuit of money will be dominated by self-focus, and we’ll try somehow to squeeze God into the plan as an afterthought.

When it comes to our finances, God calls us to stop starting with ourselves and hoping there’s money left over for him. Instead, the call is to willingly and joyfully accept that our money’s primary purpose is to fund a kingdom of generosity, in worship and service of Him.

And then trust that God will provide what we need.

To be clear: The Bible isn’t calling us to quit paying our bills and stop buying groceries and clothing. Instead, it’s a call to examine our heart, which controls our financial lives, and make sure we have the order right.

May God, in faithful grace, continue to liberate us from our bondage to us. In so doing, He will liberate our wallets from their bondage to self-focus—freeing us to represent our generous Savior with our money

See too:

Psalm 37:25-28, Proverbs 11;24-25

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Better to be pruned to grow, than cut up to burn.' ~ John Trapp

#Today's SoulSnack consists of sequential extracts from a Paul Tripp devotional originally titled - Is Our Theology of Money upside down?