A Middle-Eastern Lesson#

Soul Snack 239/14 ... From a far distant yesterday the middle-east has been known for its religious zeal.

Surely it was foreigners, alien men from the mid-east (likely Babylonians) who were the first to seek the infant Jesus?

At His birth Jesus' own people found no place in either their hotels or hearts for Him. (Has anything changed?)

King Herod and some far wiser men sought this new-born king for opposing reasons.

Herod questioned his chief priests and scribes for the location of Jesus' birth - their answer:

“Bethlehem of Judea - as the prophets foretold." (Matthew 2:5)

King Herod then secretly informed the wise middle-eastern men, who dusted off their camels for Bethlehem.

The scholars and scribes remained at their posts, disinterested to join the foreigners upon a messianic search. Their longing for their Messiah was not even strong enough to prompt them to rise and move.

When the wise men finally met the humble king - a baby Jesus blanketed in the simplicity of poverty did not irritate them, nor did they despise the infant who owned nowhere to lay His head.

The lesson from yesterday's middle-east still stands strong today:

Those from a religious distance may often have a clearer grasp of Jesus than those close up and involved.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Babylon is the dwelling place of earthly security and heavenly threat." ~ Michael Cartwright

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#Today's SoulSnack originally penned and kindly supplied by Sister Diadema of the Evangelical Sisters of Mary.