A Truth as Rock Solid as God's Love

When life's fires are fuelled by hardship...

To those whom disappointment has pursued...

To those who mercy has avoided...

To those who struck injustice and it stuck like glue...

To those who gave honor but received betrayal, GOD IS CLEAR 

... His intentions will never change:

God's desires always remain to restore the destroyed, and refresh the devastated. 

He too knows it is the unloved who become lovers of the unloved, and the restored who become the restorers. 

The Father hurts for the ill-treated, His cheeks stay damp with tears.

And, as with His own ancient Israel dwelling in Egypt, to this day He does not leave His people unobserved or unattended.

This truth is as solid as the Father is loving:

Those who hope in the Lord will not be disappointed. (Isaiah 49:23d)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'There are three positions to prayer: struggling, clinging and resting.' ~ Rev. Evan Hopkins

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