Alone & In Love

Lovers do not care to share their lover.

The heart in love yearns to give to, and share their lover's full attention.

A lover's heart longs for intimacy and union. Hearts explode in jealousy if a competitor arises.

The Tree of Knowledge has pointed all believers for far too long down blind alleyways, into relational cul-de-sacs. It informs Christians that loving the Lord is all about doing, ignore beingNothing could be further from the truth.

Working for someone does not create loving them.

Love can no more be manufactured in the soul than rain in the air. It is always enjoyed best in the other's presence.

This day:

  • listen to the kind whispers as the Lord of love loves to draw you into His presence
  • use the hardships and trials of your pained seasons to build-up with the Lord and not break-up
  • cast all your burdens upon the Lord, for lovers love to share each other's burdens.

Being with the Lord is never time wasting, it is love receiving.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"We appease sin but do not oppose it." ~ Leonard Ravenhill

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