Arriving Home Safely

Soul Snack 122/14 ... Have you cast deeds like stones into the pool of human life, watched the waters splash and ripple, and close calm again? ~ James Hannay

Have you weeded gardens to distraction to only return to the same task?

Has your faithfulness been observed approvingly by others, or maybe your kindness sown through personal expense?

Has obedience served all your duties, and your moral fiber become well muscled across the passage of time?

Have you won the respect of intelligent men, and honor is to be carved upon your headstone?

Do all men speak well of you, and is self-restraint the bond of your character?

Do not be deceived; do not be mis-informed - for man can do nothing that would commend him at his divine assize.

Even integrity, fine character or the persistent pursuit of good holds no recommendation. Man may  claim no endorsement; for what is man but a marvel of the Almighty, or what is fallen man but a cracked mirror to the Divine image?

The highest of intent, the best of efforts and the love of brothers contains no congratulation without a pure sobriety to self.

There may be no presumption when before the Throne of Grace, only humble dependence upon He who warms the Throne.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6)

Just as no ship can be safe without a rudder, so it is impossible for a man to come safe to his journey's end without humility. ~ James Hannay

Today's Soul Snack:

Grace is knowing that you are loved when you are feeling that you aren't.

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