No Compromise!

The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, he is the man who holds a new spirit and a new heart - he is a new man for the old man has been rescued by the Cross. (see Ezekiel 18:20 & 31)

As Easter fast approaches let us EACH recall that if there was no Gethsemane there would be no Golgotha.

It was in the Garden that Jesus chose for righteousness. The first Garden began sin's entry to earth, the second Garden began sin's exit from earth.

It is in the pleasant places a disciple will mimic his master, and thus chooses for the dark places. This is righteousness.

Then Jesus told His disciples, “If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me". (Matthew 16:24)

The Last Word:

Disciples don't compromise. Jesus didn't.