Erupting from the Core of Struggle

From the search for answers the time arrives when a believer refuses compromise. He extends both hands and lays holds with all his might a vacuum, that place where all reason is omitted. From his unreasonable dismay he then will echo King David:

'Hear O Lord and answer me, for I am poor and needy.' (Psalm 86:1)

No merit does King David claim, yet he prays in a faith-filled expectation. David is already convinced that his cries are carried to heaven's throne room.

In a confidence born from the furnace of experience he affirms:

  • the Lord stands at the right hand of His needy one (Psalm 109:31)
  • He lifts the needy one from the ash heap (Psalm 113:7) and
  • He lifts the needy one out of their affliction. (Psalm 107:41)

Recall too a barren Hannah, having endured relentless heartache finally gave birth to Samuel. She sang from her needy heart of gratefulness:

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; He seats them with princes and makes them inherit a throne of honor. (I Samuel 2:8)

I have lost in the search for reason, but am now of the firmest opinion, it is very good to be the needy one. This is life's strongest position to attain. I will approach Him every day, and wait upon Him - even from the corners of the earth.

How can I not need Him until I meet Him?

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Our first and foremost task is faithfully to care for the inward fire, so that when it is really needed it can offer warmth and light to lost travellers'. ~ Henri Nouwen

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