At the Foot of that Terrible Cross

Everyman's preset times and future depends entirely upon where he stands with the Lord, the judge of heaven and earth. There is no other way.

He carries his own judgement, or permits the Lord to carry it for him instead.

A man chooses indulgence of self and rejection of Jesus, thus leaving his feet firmly on the path of wickedness.

Or, his choice grasps his hands tight in repentance as he bends his back forwards in holy and humble tears. This is any man's Gethsemane, the first death to self. There are no pillows in Gethsemane.

If there is first no Gethsemane, that death to the cries to his heart and soul there can be no cross, that next death to the flesh.

As always we still run headlong into the tomb of indulgence, and then seal it with addiction or close it in the dark cold of self-serving debt.

Tomorrow is sealed by my choices today.

The pleasures of the mortal body are not worth exchanging the life of the immortal soul for.

As with Jesus, he who bears his cross today looks squarely towards his resurrection tomorrow.

Of what eternal use can a man be when he both loves the world and is loved by it? What value has he placed upon his soul?

How can a man ignore so great a salvation, or so compromise his days if he has first stood at the foot of such a terrible cross?

Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God. (1 Chronicles 22:19a)

As with Jesus, it is not until a man truly dies to self that he fully gains life. We reach life only through death.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'The goal of our life is not people. It is God. Only in Him shall we find the rest we seek'. ~ Henri Nouwen

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