Beating Betrayal

Joseph was an innocent dreamer and his brothers guilty haters.

In a moment sealed by hatred they conspired to kill the innocent. (Read the full story here - Genesis 37 & 39-41) Joseph was cast into a well, betrayed and sold into Egyptian slavery.

He who is innocent and been betrayed by his brothers, God rescues and places in hiding. This He did by sending Joseph to Egypt and finally placing him in jail. In jail God saw and still fed Joseph. He established him further in spirit, faith and truth. Jail (and Potiphar's household) was Joseph's classroom for further spiritual preparation.

In the place of darkness and bondage Joseph remained safely forgotten and unseen, he was divinely secreted away. Yet there Joseph glowed.

For Joseph jail was the place of protection, out of sight, mind and reach to his enemies. Jail became Joseph's refuge. He lived the same faithfulness in jail, as he had prior to it in Potiphar's household and to his family. Consequently Joseph received due honor and success.

Success follows faithfulness as dawn follows the night, for faithfulness carries its own rewards.

Twice satan attempted to destroy Joseph:

  1. first at the hands of his brothers and
  2. then by the lustful guile of an unfaithful woman - Potiphar's wife.

Satan knew God had much larger plans for Joseph.

Should your body and soul meet similar destruction and betrayal by brothers or workmates, recall it first happened to Joseph and then to Jesus - for satan was attempting to hinder all that God for them.

Joseph rose to become the savior to Egypt, Jesus arose as the savior to mankind.

After betrayal sinks you resurrection arises, for betrayal was never the end-game. 

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Jesus deep desire is that we will see well in another, do good by another and favor them above self."~ Michael Cartwright

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