Being Alert in Loss

Beyond the tears, behind the pain lurks a culprit many ignore, disbelieve or even support.

Death was absent until the serpent whispered in Eden.

The loss of life = the presence of satan.

Whether the heart ceases to beat or broken friendships kill hearts, the evil one is active. The grave is never satisfied.

Death across a body or death across a relationship is evidence of satan's intervention.

Satan is the author of death.

Churches are torn as much by division as families are by the loss of a loved one. Division is deadly to the Christ's body, little wonder Jesus prayed for unity.

Where there is division that kills it is soaked in the stench of sulfur. Division that does not reproduce health delivers death of some sort.

In one of His less popular teachings Jesus accused the threatening Pharisees who were intent on His murder as being sons of satan.

Jesus knew how to divide good from evil.

Whether you have lost friends and relatives through death or simply endured the hurt filled break-ups, expect satan was behind the loss.

For to this day our battles are still fought in flesh and blood, but the battles are waged not against flesh and blood, but rather the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Ephesians 6:12)

With this in mind, be alert, don the full armor of God and pray at all times. To do so erects a safe, protective canopy that satan can't destroy and only Heaven can construct.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The pure in heart shall see God; all others are but blind bats". ~ Charles Spurgeon

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