Making Sense of the Bible

There is world of difference between knowing the Word of God and knowing the God of the Word! ~ Leonard Ravenhill

In this new SoulSense series SoulSupply examines:

  • how the Tree of Knowledge informs all our Bible reading and Bible study habits
  • why we all read the Bible as we do
  • what the Bible says about interpreting itself
  • modern pharisees and Bible reading
  • why so many Christians avoid regular Bible reading
  • why these time honored methods of Bible devotion are spiritually unhealthy and
  • how Bible reading can be done with spiritual health.

It is not the scholar who can lift the Bible from the hands into the heart, but the Holy Spirit of Truth.

Part 1 ~ Stoning Adam & Eve ~ Bible reading history

Part 2 ~ Shooting a Holy Cow ~ liberating the Bible

Part 3 ~ Of Snacking & Feasting - eating from the Bible

Part 4 ~ Stripping the Bible of Mans' support

Part 5 ~ Biblical Excavation