Breaking Christmas Shackles

Is there a fearsome gun-toting believer who will free the baby Jesus to face His world?

Jesus needs to be liberated from the manger and lifted from the hay.

Jesus is not simply a babe in a virgin's arms, a curiosity to shepherds or an adventure for wise men; He is the regent of heaven.

This infant Messiah found in a feeding trough cannot be contained by an ancient miraculous event, then wrapped in bright paper and adorned with glitter.

Christmas is to be freed from smelly stables, exotic eastern gifts and a supernatural sky, for murder was to end the manger.

Jesus is not the great I was, but is correctly (and always will be) the great I AM. 

Jesus STILL is in the present, not just an historic figure forever suckling at Mary's breast.

The timeless and quiet appeal of this Christmas baby is to be released.

A new season must flow across a western world that is now devoid of the real Jesus.

Please exchange the Sunday-school meek and mild infant of the eternal nativity plays, for the strong and wild Jesus. He trekked the deserts of Judea having nowhere to lay His head. Jesus took the whip to false worship and died wickedly upon a rough cross.

It is time to call for war on a benign birth and a passive faith, for there is no room for such belief at His inn.

His cries from the manger were ever only to precede His cries from the Cross.

Christmas peace appeared only because Easter torment was necessary.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The fruit of the Tree of Knowledge is to deny the Tree of Life." Michael Cartwright

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