Breaking with Tribal Traditions!

In the Old Testament, a prophet is a whistle-blower. But, recall that he is always outnumbered.

He calls to account tribal traditions, and thus upsets the apple cart. However the tribe is much bigger, better resourced and strikes back at the whistle-blower.

Prophets of God take pen-knives to gun fights. There is no difference within the Christian church.

Who would wish to re-imagine Christian theology and re-examine it in the light of righteousness, not letters after a name? Theology has become the arbiter of truth when it cannot be the guarantor of truth.

What if 'good theology' was sufficiently humble to not throw stones?

'Good theology' shouts with a clarion call to the 'good' Christian to engage in argument. In fact, devotion to doctrine has replaced the doctrine of devotion. Because, pride strikes blindness into all who entertain its approaches.

Yes, the good Book is clear - each disciple should watch his doctrine carefully.

But, doctrine is not how God examines a man, it is through the virtue of righteousness.

The Last Word:

While the carnal (pride) still rules the spiritual 'good doctrine' will remain unchallenged.