Building the Palace of Peace

No matter how healthy we be, how vigorous our constitution, how well provided for financially, we must not think that our mountain is so strong it cannot be removed. ~ A.W. Pink

It is the wise man who guards his heart and sows to his spirit. He is then prepared should his mountains shake or crumble.

There is nothing more sustaining in a physical world than spiritual success.

Victory is achieved from the seeking of righteousness and the life of purity. Heaven's virtues are offered and secured in the secret place.

A secret place is absent from prying eyes and loses interruption. It is where pride is jettisoned.

The secret place becomes the palace of peace.

It is constructed with solitude as its walls, prayer as its roof, and faith as its piers.

The furniture is God’s Word, for that is rested upon. His Holy Spirit becomes both teacher and comforter.

The secret place is where no rival to God is invited and none will find shelter.

Within the secret place you seek God's face and He returns the favor.

Be strong in the Lord. seek His face always. (Psalm 105:4)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Days of trouble must be days of prayer'. ~ Matthew Henry

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