By the Rivers of Babylon

Scripture is quite clear, the rivers of Babylon are truly delightful.

The Tigris and the Euphrates pleased the generations after the flood so much, that these post-diluvian migrants disobeyed God and refused to fill the whole earth. BUT unlike these peoples of prehistory - in their Babylonian captivity the Israelites found no such joy.

By the rivers of Babylon—
    there we sat down and there we wept
    when we remembered Zion.
 On the willows there
    we hung up our harps.
For there our captors
    asked us for songs,
and our tormentors asked for mirth, saying,
    “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!"

How could we sing the Lord’s song
    in a foreign land? (Psalm 137:1-3)

There is no joy in Babylon when a believer's heart is set upon Jerusalem. It is these who know this earth is a foreign land. There is no contentment in Babylon, and little peace.

Babylon is a seething restlessness, as wild as waves - it daily calls to all men, everywhere keep gathering more. Babylon resides in all men's hearts.

Without ceasing Babylon promises satisfaction, but by its necessary persistence Babylon betrays itself.

Even a harmony beside Babylon's ever flowing water of bounty cannot and will not capture eyes and souls firmly set upon Jerusalem.

Today's Soul Snippet:

 "My heart for service is of little consequence when my heart is challenged in the streets." ~ anon