Choose your refuge carefully...

The time to re-set thinking is never too soon. 

There are vital and life-giving thoughts belonging to those who would re-script and even resist mankind's processes of thinking.

Abba Arsenius re-configured contemporary thinking (and thus behavior) some 1600 years ago. He practised a radical simplicity as his whole of life rule:

"Be solitary, be silent, and be at peace." 

Nine SoulSupply thoughts from the too few and elusive modern times of simplicity that also re-set thinking, and thus living:

  1. Blessed are they who refresh others for they too shall be refreshed.
  2. The time shall come when the wise and the righteous will be honored, but it is not today.
  3. There is no peace in sin.
  4. The wise see the many ends from a beginning, then they choose to start or not.
  5. Let not the might of your enemy dismiss you from crossing your Jordan.
  6. I can only taste and see that the Lord is good when He sits at the very center of my attention. All else is only a snack.
  7. Suffering is not to be fled, it is to be redeemed.
  8. Pride makes a man strong, but it is a wicked strength.
  9. Choose your refuge carefully lest it make your second state worse than the first.

The more one is rooted in God, the less one depends on the transitory gifts of the earth. ~ Anthony of Sourozh

Today's Soul Snippet:

'It is through my helplessness that I gain a longing for God as strong as the longing He holds for me.'  ~ Michael Cartwright

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