Satan's Most Masterful Stroke Against Christians?

Is Christianity stumbling, nay falling to senseless men?

Has it become subject to those without spiritual reason?

Is the contemporary Christian casual, or are they casualties?

We Christians have:

  • the richest of faiths,
  • the storehouses of heaven stocked for us with doors wide open,
  • the brightest of futures,
  • divine daily guidance, indeed assistance to make good out of our mess-ups,
  • yesterdays, todays and tomorrows that contain no penalties, for our sins are forgiven - so...

Why do we neglect to fertilise our faith, but nurture instead efforts that will be burned up as wood and stubble are? (See 1 Corinthians 3:13-15)

Why do we neglect our faith past a milk-fed infancy, and not eat the solids foods of faith from adulthood? (See Hebrews 5:11- 6:3)

Why do we think working for the Lord is more desirable to Him than sitting with Him?

Could this be satan's most masterful stroke of deceit - that we exchange our devotion for our duty?

WHY? It is because have been taught wrongly.

We have learned through an ecclesiastical sleight of hand a hidden curriculum that knowledge equates to devotion, and that performance is the expression of devotion. Consequently, we are all robbed of the unfailing delights and the deepest of joys found alone by withdrawing into His presence.

This hidden curriculum is penned by the Tree of Knowledge.

This is the greatest crisis of modern Christian faith.

We preach a salvation by grace, but live a salvation by works. What difference is there between the Roman Catholic Church and roster-filled evangelicalism?

How long until modern Christian faith lives such that not one jot, not one tittle can ever be added to our salvation by being so busy for the Lord that we can't meet with the Lord?

It is easier to work for Jesus than to sit with Him.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Denominational delinquency has both diffused and amplified the work of Christ's Holy Spirit of Truth." ~ Michael Cartwright

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