Christmas Presence

Restless men scour experience, accumulate goods and search the face of this earth for identity. Such is their lot. 

There is a wicked burden mankind bears. He believes his value lives in his doing rather than his being.

We are human beings, not human doings. ~ Rick Warren

The existence of a man, any man proves his value. The products of his hands only indicate his ability. Both his presence upon earth and his skills are equally gifts of God. 

Christmas' shadow looms larger across the globe each day. And, my busy adult children enquire:

what do you want for Christmas dad?

My reply:

no need for presents, but would love your presence.

A man's value eternally lies in his creation, his being, because he is. Value is not found in his functions.

No product of a man's hands will survive into eternity, but God has created all men such that they will.

It is the Tree of Knowledge that measures men by their performance, but the Tree of Life values men because of their presence upon earth.

I am valuable today and always simply because I am here, made higher than all animals. I too am the only aspect of God's creative activity that is made in His image.

My value is my presence, because I am. My presence with Him is too my best gift for the Babe in the manger.

Today's Soul Snippet:

'Jesus died for relationship, not ritual.' ~ Michael Cartwright

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