The Single Present Sufferer ~ A

Soul Snack 223/12 ... The Single Present Sufferer ~ A#

One of my lucky school friends has a birthday on 25 December.

I remember, as a youth, affirming him with naive barefaced cheek  – how cool is that?

Woops – a raw and exposed nerve there.

Two minutes of ranting later I discovered that it annoyed him to receive only one (combined birthday – Christmas) present from his relatives. He could not help noticing that all of his friends and the rest of his family – all adherents to the one-present-policy for him – were card carrying members of the two present policy, (birthday and Christmas) when it came to themselves. 

Christmas inevitably found him in a bad mood and lamenting his parents’ family planning (or perceived lack thereof). It was also transparent by his disturbed demeanour that people had managed their finances across a number presents to be distributed around a plethora of parties – meaning less finance available for his present.

Nobody knows the date of Jesus’ birthday. Maybe birthdays were not that important in those days. Maybe,
he did not have an efficient secretary to keep the date. When it was decided to celebrate Jesus’ birthday, the powers that be of the time actually borrowed the Celebration of the Unconquered Sun from the pagans (25th December) which coincided with the Northern Winter Solstice (the day when light begins its domination over the night). Ironically, it has now become the Celebration of Unconquered Son (or am I the only one to spot God’s delightful sense of humour?), so 25th December is Jesus’ official birthday.

So briefly returning to my lucky school friend - the gift of Christ means that my friend actually does receive two presents at Christmas – it’s just that he leaves one of them under the tree and never opens it. Ironically, this gift was worth more than all the treasures on Earth.

Hmm ... maybe it’s the plain wrapping that diverts his attention?

While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn. (Lk 2:6-7)

Glitter no more promises quality than gloss ensures value. Gaze into the giver's heart to see the real worth of the gift.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"LOVE is a verb - it is clear even when it is not said." ~anon

# This SoulSnack was written by Dr Stuart Quarmby Principal of Wollondilly Anglican College - reproduced and edited with gracious permission by SoulSupply.