Configuring My Day

Soul Snack 142/14 ... The most valuable earthly activity is the pursuit of God's presence.

The most precious time upon earth is stopping in God's presence. It is a mere morsel of eternity, a simple, sweet fruit of Eden. It prevents me from exchanging the permanent for the temporary.

Across four decades the Israelites scrubbed their soles on Sinai sand. They gazed upon the temporary, and gracelessly endured God's miraculous care.

For forty years the Israelites also gathered sweet manna from heaven each morning. Each person always collected exactly the correct amount. But the manna faded, heaven's sweetness dulled, it melted in the heat of the day.

God's still seeks to deposit sweet manna each morning. His manna is best received at the start of each day but the heat of the day, the pressures of life will melt it from the heart.

Oh how I long to collect the Lord's sweetness each morning, for by midday I fear I will have lost it.

A life without sweetness ends up unnecessarily bitter (and we all know sour people).

Devotion is nectar to the soul, the candy delights that fuel my engine for the day.

‘I have heard the grumbling of the Israelites. Tell them ...  in the morning you will be filled with manna. Then you will know that I am the Lord your God.”’ (Exodus 16:12)

As you taste the sweet manna each morn, you also will move further under the protective conviction that the Lord, the God of Calvary is truly the Lord your God. You now own the permanent.

Today's Soul Snippet

"The holiness of God is His glory, as His grace is His riches." ~ Stephen Charnock

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