Defining Depression



A silent invasion occurs, many powerless to resist, I may not even know of the invasion until it is complete. Collapsed, there is no resistance. The war can be lost before it was ever engaged. Depression is never desired, but it is so frequently delivered. When depressed the 'inner man' is attacked. His mind, emotions and spirit are assailed. This 'inner man' receives a descending perception of self and life into darkness. Or conversely, an ascending darkness over the ability to function well. Often it is rooted and expressed in hopelessness and helplessness.

Depression can be signaled by clinging to a goal that is impossible to achieve. It can be rooted in anger (blocked goals). Depression can be an all embracing darkness from which there appears little opportunity of escape. It may be characterized by lack of motivation, loss of appetite, erratic sleep patterns or an inability to concentrate. Low self-esteem may arise.


The Imperative

The imperative is to understand life as a spiritual battle with the evil one bent on ‘taking us out’. (Rev 12:12-17)

Depression is another attempt of the evil one to hurt us. Through depression the evil one seeks to break our healthy self opinions, he attempts to isolate us from others and of course God. In the darkness it feels like God is NOT there. This is the real hint to the spiritual nature of this disease.

Satan wants us to believe in an uninvolved, uncaring, disinterested and malevolent God, who is totally removed from us. He wants to separate us from God, His love and the protection God would bring.

Depression is another attempt of the evil one to hurt us.

Yet God walks beside those in darkness, speaks to them and extends His hands of grace. (Ez 34:16, Lk 24:13-35 and Rms 8:35-39). If in depression I am actually separated from God, I am then isolated from the healing and restoration that only God can bring to me. A healing and restoration that He WANTS to deliver. Isolated is vulnerable, open to attack from the evil one.

As our relationship with God is attacked, we want to withdraw from Him, and maybe even blame God. We start to believe ill of the only one who can truly protect us, the one who truly does want to protect us. Satan has then cut us off from God.

Remember satan is in the relationship breakdown business. In Eden first satan attacks Eve, then he broke the relationship between Adam, Eve and God. Finally he attacks their relationship with each other. Now for the 1st time they feel shame in each other's presence.(Gen 3:7)

The ultimate indicator of relational breakdown is murder. This satan achieves in just 1 generation after Adam and Eve, as Cane kills Abel (Gen 4:8). We MUST understand that where there is any evidence of relational breakdown, the evil one is driving it. Depression can often lead to relational break down.

Again this indicates the truly spiritual nature of depression. It is very helpful to understand depression as a spiritual assault, then I will know that I fight it with spiritual weapons.


If depression was always simply a chemical malfunction, chemicals could always correct it. However many people continue to take ever changing doses without repair to themselves, some for many years.

Depression is 'fought' in the mind. It then affects behaviour, speech, attitudes and abilities.

Understand we are in a battle for our mind, for whatever/whoever controls our minds controls us. He who owns my mind owns me. Jesus asks me to give my mind to Him. He wants to renew my mind (Rms 12:2-3). To appreciate this places me on the road to recovery.

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