Dividing Good & Evil

Mankind sings himself hoarse to his own changing tunes.

He dances in Babylon but refuses join hands with Jerusalem.

The libraries of this world become our kitchens. It is from these we write our diets of values, crafting ever changing menus of right behavior.

We prepare our meals from the current (but ever morphing) fashion of life's super-foods, also found on the Western shelves of labelled 'beliefs'. It is then we dine on what we are told is good or right. Yet it is in deceit we really pursue evil and promote unrighteousness.

Few men can divide good from evil these days. Those who can are largely lampooned, chastened and falsely judged. Hounded as bigots or fundamentalists they are whipped.

Little wonder our bodies are worn, our spirits are parched, our souls are withered; we remain unable to discern right from wrong.

Where is the thirst for the Lord, His word, His righteousness and His sweetest of manna?

A significant percentage of the established Christian church hurdles headlong (with the world), arms open and hearts seared into homosexuality while simultaneously inviting the worship of greed from its pulpits. 

A man's body is to be no more his god than his wallet.

The church is now formed by the world, and not the world by the church.

Upon our dinner plates are served the Babylonian rules of learning and the spurious wisdom of man. But neither can divide evil and good.

Who is there who relentlessly bends the knee, humbly lowering their body before the Lord, the only Creator of this world? 

Who will meet with the Lord and stop, before they study the things of the world?

Who steadfastly refuses to walk in the counsel of the wicked?

It is in silence that the Lord is heard and it is in stillness that His righteousness is found.

These ones alone hold firm to His undiluted Word, who are separated from the favors of Babylon, who expect to be unpopular - it is these alone who can truly divide truth from deceit, right from wrong and good from evil.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Jesus blood was spilled so that His life and His follower's lives would spell 'righteousness'.

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