Removing Doubt

Soul Snack 67/13 ... Removing Doubt

Who is more important: the one sitting at the table or the one serving? You think the one at the table is more important, but I am like a servant among you. (Lk 22:27)

In Jesus’ day the washing of feet was a task reserved not just for servants but for the lowest of servants. Every circle has its pecking order, and the circle of household workers was no exception. The servant at the bottom of the totem pole was expected to be the one on his knees with the towel and basin.

In this case the one with the towel and basin is the king of the universe. Hands that shaped the stars now wash away filth. Fingers that formed mountains now massage toes. And the one before whom all nations will one day kneel now kneels before his disciples. Hours before his own death, Jesus’ concern is singular. He wants his disciples to know how much he loves them. More than removing dirt, Jesus is removing doubt.#

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Jesus died to settle debts, not to create them." ~ Warren Hicks

#Today's SoulSnack was penned by Max Lucado and supplied by Thomas Nelson Publishers