The Caves You Fear To Enter...

There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it. (Matthew 28:2)

The caves you fear to enter hold the treasure you seek. ~ anon

Paradoxically caves offer light.

Caves are safe, comfortable and their dwellers are out of man's sight. Seek caves, and thus their treasure.

Whether you are flooded, just floating or feeling fine - seek a cave. It is within the cave (or on a mountaintop) that impotence 'marries' omnipotence.

Moses, Elijah, David, Lazarus, the apostle John and the good Lord Himself all knew the value of caves. Caves 'breathe' fresh, strengthening air, and deliver 'new' birth.

It is in helplessness that the Lord draws a man to caves. These times are for building him up, and not tearing him down. They are for refreshment and repair, for equipping and finally commissioning.

Caves are divine preparation for a new release, they are not a home - but a hotel. Caves are not the end goal, but to get you there.

Cheap 'caves' are hollow, and there is a high cost in caves for those who are accustomed to being busy, or the center of attention. It is wrong to be busy for the Lord if He is calling a man to wait upon His light filled lessons.

Caves offer resurrection for those who stay (dead to themselves) until the angels roll away another stone. (For the angels have experience with this.)

Today's Soul Snippet:

'When the river drys up God will take you to a different stream.'