Earth's Cry to Heaven

Heaven is the country of the soul. ~ Augustine

Men have accused other men of being too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use. This is as much a compliment as it is meant to be slander.

No man can be too occupied in God. ~ anon

My eyes are fixed on You my Lord, in You I seek refuge ... (Psalm 141:8)

... You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living (Psalm 142:5)

O Lord, hear my prayer, listen to my cry for mercy; in Your faithfulness and righteousness come to my relief ... (Psalm 143:1)

... I stretch out my hands to You; my soul thirsts for You like a parched land. (Psalm 143:6)

... in Your righteousness bring my soul out of trouble. (Psalm 143:11)

Praise be to the Lord my rock ... He is my loving God and fortress, my stronghold ... my shield, in whom I take refuge ... (Psalm 144:1-3)

It is to be soberly noted that the heart of deep pain can become the heart of great gain. Because:

The life rooted in Jesus cannot be uprooted ~ anon

Today's Soul Snippet:

'To be much like Christ, be much with Christ.' ~ anon