The infinite depth of Jesus' righteousness is fully revealed in His cry - forgive them Father for they know not what they do

As I tap away, worldwide it is reported that the pillar of democracy is yet again being bullied in the States. Is freedom eroding in the land of the free?

In a world morphing, indeed reeling from Covid, the confusion of gender dysphoria and so much more, only a few things remain steady and strong.

Christian Easter celebrations are such. The nightly news honors these, much of retail and industry closes, and a large chunk of mankind enjoy public holidays because of Easter.

Into a constantly darkening world the Light of the World has risen. Our Lord's death and resurrection continue as sure as His return is secure.

Jesus died not for fame, but mankind's future.

Jesus' hands were outstretched for forgiveness. They are still proffered today.

Jesus seeks to clothe His forgiven mankind in righteousness. Easter introduces His righteousness upon earth. 

Easter is Heaven's vanguard that righteousness shall reign upon earth forever.

No HAPPY VACATION here - but an emphatic and very-old fashioned:

HAPPY EASTER - for He is risen!