Exploring Solitude#

The thought of striking a paddle upstream against the tide of crowds is daunting at the least when it is far easier to be connected 24/7. For the ill-disciplined or the gregarious the potential for distraction is beyond immense.

“My soul is crammed through from top to bottom with the trite, the commonplace, the insignificant, the routine,” lamented the influential Jesuit priest - Karl Rahner, pre-dating any internet. (He died in 1984)

These questions would be wise to ask:

  • What becomes of me if my life continues hurtling down this freight train track?
  • What becomes of me if I cease to pause, or never enter into silence?

Solitude is the art of adjusting the soul, as much as it is an immersion in a lonely locale.

The battle for inner adjustment arises when I may choose a day of isolation but:

my monkey mind would be elsewhere. Generally it would be consumed in  planning, strategising, and mental rehearsing of the approaching week. (Sister Patty Fawkner)

To those who dare - there remains a fear replacing joy in solitude, for loneliness gains no sway.

Solitude is a journey from loneliness which is poverty of the self, to solitude which is richness of the self. (May Sarton)

When I explore solitude I so place myself that my days do not control me, but I control my days.

If loneliness is the pain of being alone, solitude is the glory of being alone.  (Paul Tillich)

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

Solitude is the Divine room where the Lord can gain my attention for no longer will I just glance at Him, hurry past Him or pray only at the traffic lights.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Many seek an audience with a ruler, but it is from the Lord that man gets justice. ~ Proverbs 29:26

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#Inspired by Sister Patty Fawkner of the Good Samaritan Sisters