FACING OFF with Spurgeon!

Soul Snack 46/14 ...Who is the faith imposter? What a fearsome thought!

Rattling through my brain are two real faith samples, I just can't shake off.

  • The Child and
  • The Thief on the Cross

They both hold, unadulterated, uncluttered and even uneducated belief; completely void of any man made scaffolds.

Both the child and the thief knew little, save a Lord given to merciful love.

The prince of preachers, Charles Spurgeon recorded this refreshing anecdote of a little boy attending an Edinburgh Sunday School class:

He said to his teacher who had conducted the prayer meeting, "Teacher, I wish my sister could be made to read the Bible. She never reads it."

"Why should your sister read the Bible, Johnny?"

"Because if she should once read it, I am sure it would do her good, and she would be converted and saved."

"Do you think so Johnny?"

"Yes, I do sir, and I wish the next time there's a prayer meeting you would ask the people to pray for my sister that she may begin to read the Bible."

"Well it shall be done, John."

So the teacher mentioned that a little boy was very anxious for prayer to be offered that his sister might begin to read the Bible. John was observed to get up and go out. The Teacher thought it very rude of the boy to disturb the people in the crowded room, and so the next day the lad came, he said, "John, I thought it was very rude of you to get up in a prayer meeting and go out. You ought not to have done so."

"But sir," said the boy, "I did not mean to be rude. I thought I would just go home and see my sister reading her Bible for the first time."

And Jesus said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  (Matthew 18:3)

No faith was hidden within this little boy; for a child knows not about faith imposters, anymore than the thief knew time to become one.

The face that a child wears is their own face. ~ Brennan Manning

Whose face do you wear?

Today's Soul Snippet:

The measure of Christ in our lives is first love and not learning.

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