Formed by Christ

I saw a man now stronger and wise, noteworthy for his distance from his fellow men. He refused to sit in seats with sinners and loved to mock no more.

I saw a man now older and grey who had lost his appetite for earth. He had learned to raise his voice to heaven from tunes his soul's thirst sang.

I saw a man now simple, grasped by life's emptiness and sure of its hollowness. He yearned to be filled.

I saw a man now worn (through years and hardship) who was done with sin. He had stumbled upon the narrow ways.

I saw a man now silent and alone, but not lonely. Separated from the paths of destruction, his eyes were raised in praise to his Lord, his heart hungered for humility.

I saw a wrinkled sage who in his wisdom desired caves and isolation, pursuing a refuge from all that corrupts.

I saw an unnamed man who now sought God's face for he was happy then. In his Lord's presence he would tarry, he was in no haste to depart His Lord.

The righteous man will linger at his Lord's feet. But this is no jettisoning of himself, it is the finding of himself. He is now formed by Christ, Christ alone.

A man is formed by what informs him.

My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you (Galatians 4:19)

'God looks more at our wills than our works.' ~ William Secker

Today's Soul Snippet:

'A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul.' (Proverbs 13:19a)

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