Gethsemane's Lead

Returning the third time, Jesus said to them, 'are you still sleeping and resting? Enough... the son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise let us go...'  (Mark 14:41-42)

In a heartbeat Jesus would be betrayed. He begins His walk to death, yet Jesus finds His own - asleep on the job. Through this crisp dawn His eyes capture weakened, indulgent hearts. Slumped uncomfortably shoulder to shoulder are His three favored but far less troubled disciples, failing Him.

Jesus' distressed eyes well up afresh. His submissive wrestle in Gethsemane is not honored. Devoid of alertness their inactivity pierces afresh Jesus' already nailed spirit. Betrayal is prematurely present for Jesus; the disciples' flesh screaming above His soft commands. From a deepening sadness Jesus firmly orders enough! The time to decide for obedience will always arrive. Jesus rouses disciples at sleep -- their alertness is required.

The cold morning and His clear instructions are little match for weary flesh. A disciple's inability to rule his flesh is a timeless human failing. This malaise still afflicts the closest of followers. Protestations of devotion still fall and then fail.

Gethsemane captures a window into discipleships' humanity - a dependent Savior sadly looking to independent disciples. He needs them there for Him but they are there for themselves.

Without restraint Gethsemane still calls to those who would follow -subdue the flesh.

Gethsemane bids alert when I demand asleep.

Could lethargy at listening to Jesus (inattention to His commands) be the first seed of betrayal?

Is Christianity just a decoration, or is there reality back of it? ~ A.W.Tozer

Today's Soul Snippet:

"Humility is recognising that you are nothing more than another beggar at the Throne of Grace." Michael Cartwright

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