Heaven's 1st Class Boarding Passes ~ Introduction

Each man's heart knows largely unseen depths; ravines with dark caverns and recesses rarely (if ever) that see the light of day. This writer's searching heart (a massive work at snail-like progress) now grasps there is far more true spiritual knowledge outside the hallowed halls of learning than there is within them. 

Mankind has endlessly searched for wisdom upright and true, stumbling upon much pride and evil upon his way. There is only one shepherd, one source who can teach true wisdom. There are not two sources of wisdom.

The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails – given by one shepherd. (Ecclesiastes 12:11)

The soul of each man thirsts for comfort and screams for peace. This is the wishful R.I.P. upon every headstone. 

The Psalmist invites all believers to delight themselves in the Lord, and He will give them the desires of their heart. The Lord is to be delighted in, it is with Him alone that true peace and enduring comfort is found, for He is the one shepherd who offers true wisdom.

To those who have bent the knee to Jesus, who have received their ticket to heaven there are five boarding passes that offer us a first class seat upom the heaven's 747 (of delight) now, while we scour the barren lands or climb life's verdant mountainsides still upon a fallen earth.

These five passes are penned by A.B. Simpson just over a century ago (1909) with editing and additions by SoulSupply today. He called his work The Power of StillnessSoulSupply has titled it - Heaven's 5 Boarding Passes

We cannot go through life fresh and strong on constant express trains, with ten minutes for lunch. ~ A.B. Simpson

Each soul and body needs the refreshing divine water of stillness, such a position is indeed Higher Ground. Moses, Elijah and Jesus were all mountain climbers.

The invitation to stillness is merely a breeze in a gale blown western existence, who will hear yet alone respond?

The next five SoulSnacks (from tomorrow) are boarding passes into a heavenly fuselage to sit with true wisdom, without ever leaving your lounge room.

Remember as with Martha who chose what is better:

Jesus is far more interested in your attention to Him than your activity for Him.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"That which is pleasing to the eye does not also guarantee equal delight to the soul."