How to Avoid an Ambulance

Naivety should well be the domain of the Christ-dweller as much as innocence remains his virtue. Is this why Jesus instructs His disciples to pray - lead us not into temptation?

Lead us not into temptation struck me some-time ago as a prayer I needed to daily repeat as I became increasingly conscious of the constant spiritual assault through the realm of temptation. This evil beating was so often wrapped in shiny paper with inviting phrases repeated across its deceptive glittering design.

Naively (foolishly?) I had not considered too much about temptation but simply pursuing righteousness. I have found I can do both almost competently ... i.e. pursue temptation and pursue righteousness simultaneously - satan can even seduce me to believe that my pursuit of temptation is actually the pursuit of righteousness.

BUT - surely it is the fleeing of temptation and the pursuit of righteousness that are bed partners.

Solomon speaks of a young man who was a fool and placed himself on harm's path, available to temptation. This ill-advised youth walked to a street corner, an innocent activity - yet it was at said corner that he made himself vulnerable to the passing adulteress (see Proverbs 7) whose house is a highway to the grave. His crash came as sure as thunder follows lightning. Even an ambulance could not save this youth from his fate.

Jesus knew and understood both the blatant and deceptive carnal assaults of temptation hence alerted His own to them.

Guard the Lord's counsel within your heart for it will protect you from lack of judgement and keep you in purity. Silently begin each day with:

Lead me not into temptation and deliver me from the evil one. (Matthew 6:13)

Prayer is erecting a fence at the top of a cliff and not parking an ambulance at the bottom.

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The humble manand wise does not confuse many letters with spiritual acumen." ~ Michael Cartwright

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