How to Build a City

Is everything I think I am, I am not really? Does my spirit of pride still lie to me, seduce me and puff me up? How can I know?

Surely a life well audited is a life when my pride I understand? Does not most of pride's wickedness lie in its deceit...

  • Those very abilities I congratulate myself for... (are not so worthy)
  • Those losers I compare myself too... (are indeed better than I)
  • Those actions I refuse to allow others to do for me... (are rooted in my pride of independence) -

surely all these are indicators of a hydra yet to be beheaded?

Maybe I can discern my pride when I gauge my habits, for what the Lord asks of me are not the products of pride?

The Lord requires just three things of me:

  • to act JUSTLY
  • to love MERCY and 
  • to walk HUMBLY with Him (Micah 6:8)

I still fear pride and loathe its handiwork.

Pride still dwells within me as unseen as cancer dwells in a human body. Both lead to death. One the expulsion from earth, the other the expulsion from heaven. Pride is as deadly as it is wicked.

A proud man may add but a few bricks to the building of the Lord's Kingdom, but a humble man can raise a city.

Today's Soul Snippet:

Everyone on the side of Jesus listens to Jesus. (John 18:37b)

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