Of Oscar Pistorius

Soul Snack 34/13 ... Of Oscar Pistorius #

The serious plunge to earth of yet another sporting superstar reminds us that the most dangerous thing you can point at a person is not a gun but a camera or a microphone.

Fame is a drink imbibed safely only when it is diluted by copious quantities of humility. This is nigh impossible for a successful man who is unable see anyone above him.

Success breeds pride. Pride bulldozes its own ill-considered paths. Pride is as indulgent as it is blind. Pride carries the lethal power of a rattler while carving its own twisting, dark pathway to death.

O Lord give me not fame that I would ignore you or humiliation that I would resent you. AMEN


Come, O house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the Lord. (Is 2:5)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"... be sure your sins will find you out." ~ Nu 32:23

#The heart of today's SoulSnack was written by the Rev Warren Hicks and reproduced with kind permission.

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