I Fear The Doctrine Of The Church

Could the doctrine of the church be as much a competitor for the souls of men as a caress to them?

I fear the doctrine of the church. I dismiss the missal. And, I abhor the compromise of ecumenism. For where is the yearning of the devoted soul, if it is not first to sit at the feet of the Almighty prior to the communion of saints?

The activism of church and for church adds precious little to the soul, a mere ornament to faith, an accoutrement to the conscience when compared to dwelling at the feet of The Master.

It is at His feet communion arises, and then around His throne gather the brethren and so the invisible church is formed afresh.

It is my suspicious angst that we neglect to sit at Jesus' feet, to pour oil on them and to weep tears across His scars. Our dutiful busy-ness for Jesus schedules out our devotion to Him, thereby we miss the only affirmation worth dying for:

but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken from her. (Luke 10:42)

What a tragedy it has been that in our time, we are taught to believe in Him and accept Him, and to seek Him no more. This is where the evangelical church is today. What I am trying to do is encourage people to want to seek God... We are nothing unless we have a crowd around us, not realizing that to penetrate into the very presence of God is a very lonely (desert) journey. ~ A.W. Tozer 

As with Tozer, I seek to encourage people to want to chase God, that is all.

This is now a tsunami boiling within my heart:

Never underestimate the power of one moment in His presence. Thirty seconds in the manifest presence of God turned a murderer named Saul into a martyr named Paul. ~ Tommy Tenney 

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The volume of knowledge does not equate to the depth of faith." ~ Michael Cartwright

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