In God's Image

God has formed mankind in His image. To this day men are still learning to live in their creator's image.

The characteristics of God are His glory and His image. Some of these are:

compassion, slowness to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, graciousness, mercy and forgiveness.

Mankind would never have understood God's image if disobedience was not possible. 

How could men live in the image of God if they could not first choose to refuse His image?

In order to live as God, to pursue His image, to mirror the God of heaven upon earth all men must have the opportunity to choose, for otherwise men would simply be micro-managed cosmic puppets; that is - no image of God at all.

People can only choose to be God-like, they can never be forced to.

Be holy as I am holy. (Leviticus 11:44c)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The teachings of the pleasures of this world now outweigh eternal reality". ~ Alistair Petrie

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