Intimacy Gained

Intimacy and busyness are rarely wed, they are unnatural partners.

The following tale has often been repeated:  .

It is much like the story of a harried executive who went to a desert father and complained about frustration in prayer, flawed virtue and failed relationships. The hermit went into his cave and came out with a basin and pitcher of water. As he poured the water into the container the water splashed and was turbulent. Finally it began to settle and became smooth and placid. "That is the way it is when you live constantly in the midst of others," said the hermit. "You do not see yourself as you really are because of all the confusion and disturbance. You fail to recognize the divine presence in your life and the consciousness of your belovedness slowly fades."

It takes time to settle. Coming to interior stillness requires waiting. Any attempt to hasten the process only stirs up the waters anew.#

The perfect love of God is best felt when I am still and snuggle up with Him.

Be still and know that I Am God. (Psalm 46:10a)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Righteousness is God's foundation, while love is His fabric. ~ Michael Cartwright

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