Is The Reformation now lost ?

The 5 Pillars of the Reformation.

By the sixteenth century an aging Christian church of sedentary faith had sought power and profit at the expense of Gospel truth. Calvary had become little more than an opportunity for some ecclesiastical horse-trading. Power was grabbed and money 'stolen' by an indulgent Catholic church in the name of salvation.

Sabres had been rattled and the pot stirred for many previous decades, but in 1517 a young Catholic Priest - Martin Luther drew his sword and Christianity began to be refreshed. It was then taken to a time where the Gospel of Jesus was far less shaded by greed and glory. This was The Reformation.

The Christian Reformation of the sixteenth century was constructed upon 5 pillars, they are:

  • Faith alone
  • Christ alone
  • Scripture alone
  • Grace alone and
  • for God's glory alone.

BUT has the last Reformation now become the lost Reformation? Read this week's SoulSnacks to find out more.

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