The Mistaken Pilgrimage

Soul Snack 86/12 ... The Mistaken Pilgrimage

After escaping Egypt the Israelites enjoyed abundant daily food from heaven. They wore sandals that refused to wear out. No supermarket, butcher or clothes shop was ever visited. No water diviner, meteorologist or GPS system was consulted during Israel’s stubborn wilderness sojourn.

These reluctant refugees pursued a fruitless pilgrimage across the barren Sinai Peninsula. Four decades of complaining and slow learning was their lot. Surely the scenery became familiar. Surely the relentless desert storms wearied them and just maybe the desire to settle had been countered by the curse of Cain (Gen 4:11-12).

For forty years God blessed them while they just walked in circles. They tasted His perfect provision. They received visibly His supernatural guidance. Daily they would diet on the miraculous. God had not left them alone, unattended or without His counsel. They enjoyed His perfect protection, but still they did not get this pilgrimage correct.

In the pilgrimage that is life God can still have me going around in circles until I stop to hear from Him – oh if only I could see this.

Israel had paradise promised; Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey was their heading (and with God it was also available). Despite God's proper care and absolutely perfect provision they still missed paradise.

Unable to see God's immensely visible grace, they blamed Him and rebelled yet God did not remove His blessings nor break His promises. They were simply left walking in circles. Their pilgrimage brought them pain when God had established it to bring them pleasure. They chose ill-will towards God although He had chosen good-will towards them.

My own going around in circles will cease, when I stop still and choose to constantly believe well of God.

When I stop I can see His handiwork, sniff His daisies and taste His love; it is only then I will entertain no lie about Him. I will witness His grace and thank Him for it.

Complaining can only take me in circles; it is thanks that takes me forward.

Father, your grace to me I now thankyou for. Please forgive me for my complaining. Please forgive me for not seeing your blessings but only burdens. I want to stop with you today. Amen.

Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you (Ps 116:7)

Today’s Soul Snippet:
God has gifted all of us to be love givers and love rivers.