One size fits all

Soul Snack 153/13 ... One size fits all

There is no book more powerful than The Word of God. It contains more energy than a nuclear bomb, can command the lives of humans with greater success than any military general and changes the course of nations with equal ability to changing the course of my life.

The Word of God can sting the soul while singing to the spirit. It educates and edifies, uplifts and upholds. 

The Word of God knows the lack in areas of my life and runs to help me; it will not fail, lie or die.

The Word of God is as alive as it is ancient. It was before the world and will remain after the world.

The Word of God is replete with good-will, grace and kindness to both the seeker and disciple alike. It knows no restraints to sharing its heavenly deposits from the seat of comfort, strength and purpose. The Bible accepts no limitations to encouragement as the ever-present word, perfect to each moment. 

It is to be the window to every morning and the curtain to each evening. It is the key to each rising and the the lock to each retiring. God's Word is food for the day, a lamp to the feet and a salve to the soul. It speaks no evil, delivers no despair yet convicts to health. The Word of God does not condemn. There is no language it does not speak or heart it can not hear.

This Word of God is intensely personal. It is my going out and my coming in. It is my shield in assault and my canopy from heat. God's word is my promise for today and my compass for tomorrow. It is the breath I inhale and the thirst of my soul - it is my moment by moment LIVING help.

O Lord, I am so deeply thankful that in any place you word can reach me, at any time it will speak to me and in every event it can guide me. During the brightest summer sun or the darkest winter night it lights me within. O Lord I am so thankful it is as helpful as it is wide and as deep as it is high. Thankyou father that your word is more immense than your universe yet as small as my heart - for it still lives in me. AMEN

...the Word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it. (Deut 30:14)

Today's Soul Snippet:

"A worn-out Bible belongs to one who isn't." ~ anon