Damocles' Sword

Picture a sharp and glistening sword lightly dangled above an innocent's head while he reclined in the utmost luxury his world could then offer. Each day he lived under this threat in great fear of its fall, for this sword was suspended by one horse hair. He could not enjoy his luxury.

This anecdote is told by Cicero (an ancient Roman philosopher) of Damocles who was envious of Dionysius' (his master) fortune. Dionysius gave the covetous Damocles all his desires could conjure but also tenuously hung the sword above his head. Soon Damocles no longer desired the fortunes but simply release from the foreboding.

Satan still swings threats above the believer so that they too will flee the eternal fortune of their inheritance. The evil one reminds of hidden sin being revealed or accuses a believer of great weakness that will fail their faithfulness. He will draw them to constant or greater sin and inform them they can't resist and God could not love such a person. The evil one will accuse the believer of things they have not done, hold them responsible for the failings of others or cause them massive personal doubt.

As fortune and happiness were so fragile for Damocles and readily lost - so too satan would deceive Jesus' disciples.

BUT it is God's faithfulness that is protection from the errant fears that seek to rule, and the comfort of assurance from being robbed. There is no Damocles' sword dangling above Christians, so no Christian can lose.

Each believer (that's you) is God's personal inheritance that He too does not want to lose - in fact He wants you in heaven with Him even more than you want to be there.

The only sword a Christian sees is the sword of the spirit - the word of God.

God's faithfulness is your shield and rampart - it is your manna for today and you guarantor for tomorrow.

...His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. (Ps 91:4b)

Today's Soul Snippet:

Generosity is giving without finding fault.