Of Facebook & Faith

Soul Snack 128/12 ... Of Facebook & Faith

Facebook is an uncurtained window to the fleshly soul of western culture - it is the mirror image to people's thoughts, it is the cry to be both seen and heard ~ BUT...

where oh where is the hunger and thirst for righteousness found on it?

I bleed inside each time I see yet another thumbs up on Facebook for K-Mart, a telephone company or the latest retail offer for cosmetics. I see brothers and sisters who thumbs up for on-line gambling or even me to play Slot- O-Mania with them. Surrounding these ads and invitations may even be countless words of grace, calls for discipleship or Christian wisdom from ancient spiritual giants that are posted on other Christian's timelines. This quality spiritual food gains few thumbs up and is overlooked by other Christians who thumb up the carnal advertisements and ignore the spiritual pleas...

where oh where is the hunger and thirst for righteousness found on it?

Jeremiah began prophesying in 626BC but his call still thumps Christendom today...

who is he who will devote himself to come close to me? declares the Lord (Jer 30:21c)

In I Kings 19:21 Elisha burnt his plowing equipment so that he could later receive the mantle of Elijah and thus serve the Lord.

Where are those who will still burn their plows and give a thumbs up to a hunger and thirst for righteousness above all else and who will devote themselves to the Lord?

Would you pray this with Jeremiah and Elisha:

Lord, I have burned my plowing equipment, I want to sit with you longer, know you more closely, serve you more dearly and hear you more clearly - inspire me to a righteousness I am yet to know. O Lord I am yours. Please protect me from the desires of my heart and the appeals of my soul - forever be my canopy I plead that I may draw nearer to you without end. AMEN

Today's Soul Snippet:

"The problem was not the apple on the tree but the pair on the ground." ~ Greg Laurie