Remember God

Soul Snack 116/12 ... Remember God

Remember God:

  • before the distractions of living claim and before the distress of storms arrive,
  • while the spirit is alert and the body is strong,
  • before activity steals all your hours and desires grasp all your attentions,
  • before welcomes are lost and friends fade,
  • before desires elude and ambitions fail,
  • before the mind slows and before the body wearies,
  • before work is no more and days pass into night,
  • before the sun is shadowed and the moon glows bright,
  • before He calls His breath to return and the silver cord is severed.

Remember God throughout the fleeting changes and chances of this life upon His barren earth that consume today and claim tomorrow.

There is a conclusion to this matter, a goal to be sought and an end to be seen; all that is under the sun holds no meaning save the legacy it leaves. We all will see our maker but while prostrate before Him the sun will continue to shine upon earth and new lives will be given the divine breath to draw.

Remember God now, recount His deeds and teach of His faithfulness that when the golden bowl is broken or the pitcher is shattered another generation too will sing of His righteousness and know of His love.

Remember God today while you have breath, so that when your breath is retrieved by its owner you may have sown well for another's good tomorrow.

Remember your creator in the days of your youth before the days of trouble come... (Eccl 12:1a)

Today's Soul Snippet:

The things done in the flesh must be accounted for in the spirit.